Question: What is the procedure for customer support as a member of Phone2net?
Answer: Phone2net members will receive support via Phone2net account ticketing system. Login in to your phone2net account and click on email us button for making us a trouble ticket.
Question: Can I port my did numbers away from Phone2net?
Answer: yes
Question: Can I port my number TO Phone2net?
Answer: Yes.
Question: How do I make my DID ring to Gizmo Project?
Answer: Please click on this Gizmo Project directions page to get the full details at.
Question: How do I make my DID ring to Free World Dialup?
Answer: Please click on this FWD directions page to get the full details.
Question: Which protocols and codecís does Phone2net support?
Answer: SIP, IAX2 protocols. G723, G729, GSM, G711A, G711U codecs. The Seller sells the DID. Phone2net will convert the DID for the buyer.
Question: I've forgotten my password. How can I get it back?
Answer: Go to www.phone2net.com/Password. Enter your account number or email address to get your password.
Question: What are the per minute charges on the DID numbers?
Answer: No per minute charges
Question: How do US providers classify long distance calls? Is it a call outside your state or your area code?
Answer: In the US there are RATE CENTERS, and outside your rate center is long distance.
Question: How much time will it take for my number to be active?
Answer: Instant, all numbers are instantly activated to you when you purchased them unless they are special order numbers, which you will be notified of before you buy.
Question: Is PayPal an accepted method of payment?
Answer: We do not accept Paypal payments.
Question: What are the IP Address you send us the calls from?
Answer: We Send you the calls from

Question: When I call the number that you have given me, I get a recording, "The number is no longer in service." Same time, it shows in my account.
Answer: Phone2net does not answer the calls. It takes the call and sends it to the provided SIP or IAX2 URL. If it is not provisioned correctly by you, this is the message that the caller will hear.
Question: I think that the number does not work at all.
Answer: Please do this test. Map the DID to 18005558355@tf.voipmich.com or map it to your Free World Dialup or Gizmo Project id account. Free World Dialup has instructions in their forum. Call it and you should receive the call. If you do not, then login to your Phone2net account and click on 'Contact us' button, and enter the number and the problem, explaining that you have even completed the test mentioned in this answer.
Question: The monthly payment cycle is based on calendar month or from the date a DID is purchased?
Answer: From the date it is purchased.
Question: Can I resell the DID's I buy from phone2net?
Answer: Yes, you can
Question: What does congestion means?
Answer: A state or condition that occurs when more subscribers attempt simultaneously to access a switch than it is able to handle, even if unsaturated.
Question: How do I configure my Asterisk to accept calls from Phone2net?
Answer: Phone2net sends the call to any SIP or IAX2 address for you. Look at www.phone2net/configs for basic Asterisk instructions. If you still have technical difficulties, hire an Asterisk support company like digium.com or asterisksupport.com
Question: What is the purpose of 'Request DID's' feature?
Answer: Suppose you can not find DID's in the area you want on phone2net. Click on 'Request DID', and select the country and area. Submit your request.
Question: Can I use the DID's from Phone2net for my Calling Card Service?
Answer: Yes.
Question: I get one way audio. I believe my Asterisk is fine. How do I check if the DID is bad?
Answer: Check it by receiving the call of that DID on www.freeworlddialup.com or www.gizmoproject.com
1. Signup for a freeworlddialup.com or gizmoproject.com account.
2. Route your DID to your Free World Dialup account, i.e., 123456@fwd.pulver.com or Gizmo Project account, i.e., gizmoid@proxy01.sipphone.com. This may take up to 24 hours to be ready for use. Free World Dialup and Gizmo Project has instructions in their forum.
3. Call the DID we provided you.
4. Converse and check the voice both ways.
Question: What is the cost for "LNP" on phone2net.com?
Answer: $25 to $30.
Question: How long will it take to port a DID to a new carrier?
Answer: Normally 10 days, but can be 60-90 days depending upon the cooperation with the current carrier of the DID.
Question: How long will it take to provision numbers within the Phone2net database in the BUY DID section of my account?
Answer: Usually immediately.
Question: How long will it take to provision numbers purchased by me from the http://www.phone2net.com/usa?
Answer: Normally 2-6 weeks. Please note this.
Question: How do I delete numbers I buy on Phone2net?
Answer: Login to your account, click on MY NUMBERS. Remove the numbers. Click on my bills, clear the dues. Click on CONTACT US and tell Phone2net and tell us the reason for removing the number from your account.


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